About Us


BODÉ STUDIOS was founded in Switzerland in early 2021 by Lino Bottani (on the right) and Nicola Deflorin (on the left). From a simple and crazy idea during the pandemic in 2020, a vision, a concept and a new Swiss niche fragrance company was created – BODÉ STUDIOS.

Lino Bottani and Nicola Deflorin have long shared a passion for special fragrance creations, and this shared passion also led the two founders to develop and produce new Swiss niche fragrances from square one, based on a simple idea.

A friendship that was forged through sport at the football club is now paving the way for a new chapter, where Lino Bottani and Nicola Deflorin put their heart and soul into their work and strive every day to create the best niche fragrance creations in the world.

Lino Bottani

Lino Bottani, Co-Founder & CEO
+41 79 536 20 96

Nicola Deflorin

Nicola Deflorin, Co-Founder & CFO

+41 79 536 20 95

Our Vision
We want to reinvent the world of premium niche perfumery and develop timeless Swiss fragrance creations that have been designed from square one and meet the highest quality standards of luxury perfumery - from the performance of the fragrances, to the presentation of the olfactory creations, to the bottle and the packaging. Our mission is to create this “wow effect” for our customers and to accompany them through everyday life with our modern fragrance creations.